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Home Selling Tips


  • Keep your home clean and ready to show at all times.

  • Price your home according to what similar home have sold for in your area - not by how much cash you need from the sale of your home and how much you paid for improvements.

  • Consider selecting an agent in advance to list your home if you can't see it in a few weeks. Get the agent's advice about pricing and repairs.

  • Hire professionals to help you along the way. These can include a closing agent and or real estate attorney. You will need a home inspection if an inspection is required in your city.

  • Keep a notebook with potential buyers' names, addresses and phone numbers so you can follow up.

  • Don't stop advertising your home when you receive a bid. A buyer's offer may not survive the negotiating process.

What Should Your Agent Do For You?

  • Conducting a marketing strategy and market analysis to help you set a fair price for your home.   Advertising your home. This includes placing newspaper ads, internet ads, providing a lawn sign and listing your home with MLS.

  • Negotiating the terms of the sale with buyers, including contingencies and counteroffers.

  • Reviewing and filling out contracts. In complex selling situations (for example, if the property is party of a contested estate in probate, or if you're a separated or divorced couple selling the home) you may want to hire an attorney experienced in real estate matters.

  • See the transaction through to the closing.


View the Home Seller's Handbook brought to you by the Attorney General of Minnesota. 


Home Selling Costs

  • Real Estate Commission: Any sales commissions you've agreed to pay real estate agents.

  • Abstract or Title Search: The cost to update your abstract and check the title.

  • Recording Fees: The cost to file proper documents with the county satisfying your mortgage and clearing up any other title problems.

  • Real Estate Taxes and Assessments: You may owe property taxes, or if you've already paid them for all or part of the year, your buyer may need to reimburse you.

  • State Deed Tax: In every county in Minnesota you must currently pay the treasurer's office $3.30 in taxes for every $1,000 of the price of your property.

  • Conservation Fee: Some counties collect between $5 and $20 for a mortgage registration fee and a deed transfer fee. This money is used, in part, to fund Minnesota's wildlife fund.

  • Closing Fee: What you pay a closing agent, if you hire one.


For estimating your selling costs, check out the Seller's Closing Cost Worksheet. All computations are based on an estimated closing date, and figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. You may incur costs that are not listed here also.