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Duluth Emergency Services

9-1-1 Communication Center

Allows, direct emergency communication with fire, police, ambulance, and sheriff throughout St. Louis County.  


Police Headquarters

Duluth, MN 55802 218-730-5400 


  • Employs 146 police officers

  • Officers utilize horses, ATV's, bicycles, and traditional patrol cars

  • 24 civilian support personnel

  • (4) K-9 units   


A web site, Crime Mapping, was unveiled in July 2008, that allows residents to track 14 different crimes within Duluth city, and within a 2 mile radius of an entered address.  


The Duluth Police department consists of two divisions:  

The Patrol & the Investigative /Administrative division, with each division being headed by a deputy chief. The patrol division is responsible for responding to 911 calls, protective patrol, & community policy. The department has 9 neighborhood offices in addition to police headquarters & the West Precinct. The investigative /administrative divisions responsible for all investigations & administrative services.  

The Duluth Police Department works in partnership with citizens to keep Duluth a great place to live & conduct business!  


The enforcement philosophy is one of problem-solving and community based policing which involved police officers and citizens to identify, assess and respond to criminal and community problems.   


The combination of well-trained professionals and an informed, involved community have contributed to the enhancement of quality of life and a relatively crime-free environment to live and prosper. 



602 West Second Street 

Duluth, MN 55802 

(218) 730-4400 

Emergency: 911

  • Total of 145 employees   


The Duluth Fire Department (DFD) provides fire protection, first response medical, and other emergency services from nine stations in Duluth. There are a total of 132 Firefighters (including the Chief & Deputy Chief) and Fire Medics. The average response time from dispatch to first vehicle on the scene is 3.5 minutes. The DFD also has full time Fire Prevention Division, Training Division, and the City of Duluth Building Inspection Division.  



4505 W Michigan Street 

Duluth, MN 55807 

(218) 722-0807 

Emergency: 911  


Gold Cross Ambulance provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance service from two stations with 10 ambulances including 2 four-wheel drives. Gold Cross provides service for local and long distance trips. The ambulances are equipped for contacting law enforcement, medical helicopters and medical control. The personnel are National Registered Paramedics.